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dc.description.abstract We entitled our research ""Myth and Religion - the mythical formation of the holy symbol in the poetry of Khalil Hawi - The first chapter of this thesis, came in the title of psychological context and Myth in the poetry of Hawi, we approached the nature of the myth and its implications, While the second chapter was a synthesis of the religious part of the research; In the modern Arabic poetry "", while we called the chapter ""poetry and holiness "" we mentioned the religious symbol that emerged in a striking way in his poetry related to the myth or the mythical While the third chapter was analytical and related to the narrowing of the myth in our research, where we engaged in the study and analysis on the inspiration of the myth and methods of questioning it by the poet ""Khalil Hawi"" The fourth chapter was alsoanalytical , but related to the religious aspect of the research, where we went into the folds of the Holy Legacy to explore the depths of those religious symbols that we referred to before, Then we concluded the chapters of this research with a final fifth chapter, which was entitled ""the Prophetical flash and the structure of the rhythm in the poetry of Khalil,"" and we have studied two important issues in the poetry of ""Khalil Hawi"" and in the contemporary Arab poetry in general, namely the poetic prophecy, and the rythmic nature. The approach we have adopted in our research is description and analysis And we have sometimes adopted the semiotic approach, as in the case of our study of the poem ""In the Jaws of the Whale,"" where we placed our hands on the threshold of the text and some of its structures, such as the rhythmic structure and the figurative structure. Finally we have relied in ourstudy on many references that have shaped the direction and path of this research.
dc.language.iso ar
dc.publisher Université Frères Mentouri - Constantine 1
dc.subject الأسطورة
dc.subject الدين
dc.subject خليل حاوي
dc.subject الرّمز
dc.subject التّشكيل
dc.subject Myth
dc.subject Religion
dc.subject Khalil hawi
dc.subject Symbol
dc.subject Formation
dc.subject Mythe
dc.subject Religion
dc.subject Khalil Hawi
dc.subject Symbole
dc.subject Façonnage
dc.title الأسطورة والدّين
dc.title التشكيل الأسطوري للرّمز المقدس في شعر خليل حاوي
dc.type Thesis

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